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BriteMED® PC-Based 12-Lead Portable ECG
The palm-size portability, PC-based operation and communication, real-time quality 12-lead ECG waveform, and reporting system facilitate the ECG pre-screening of remote/home health care.
The BriteMED® PC-Based 12-Lead Portable ECG provides an easy-to-go and cost-effective solution for 12-lead ECG monitoring. The BriteMED® ECG displays real-time and quality 12-lead waveforms by noise-filtering expertise. The intuitive PC ECG software analyzes real-time ECG data and manages ECG reports and patient profiles.  The USB cable is for data communication and 5V power from PC.  The ECG report is saved in the PC and printed by A4 paper. No need for battery and thermal printer allows longer product life and less maintenance cost, providing cost-effective advantage for clinics and healthcare centers.       (Click for ECG cases)  (FAQ)