“Celebrate Humanity with Technology” is always our aim and vision. By developing strong R&D capability, we keep pursuing technological advancement and implement in our solution. And because we keep our full-functional professions in-house, from R&D, purchasing, manufacturing, regulatory administration to sales & after-sales team, we are able to bring our customer’s project time-to-market with cost advantage and uncompromised high quality.

BriteMED is constantly seeking new ways to accumulate the technological power and commit the upmost quality standard to every solution we provide. That’s why BriteMED is able to prove ourselves as a leading turn-key solution provider in the medical device industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology

BriteMED leverages the core technologies- Bio-Signal Processing, Video Signal Imaging, Medical Electronics, IoT Technology to develop vital sign products and imaging devices that aim to enhance accuracy by workflow efficiency.


Full-Functional Design Team

By developing a strong R&D team which occupies about 50% of total employees, BriteMED is a leading solution provider and ODM partner that realize customers’ concept from scratch. The integrated in-house service procedure not only shortens time for quick market launch, but allows our customers to track the project based on a systematic management flow.


Quality and Reliability Control

We all know a trustworthy medical device is based on good quality and reliability. BriteMED provides the integrated quality control from design, production to post-market surveillance. By partnering with world-class laboratories, we guarantee the product reliability based on continuous design verification. Our supply chain management capability ensures stable and high-standard material supply to assure consistent quality in our products.


Modular Production Capability

The in-house production system is designed with modularized layout, providing better flexibility customization advantage for high-mix product categories. The cell production design is customized–oriented, supported not only by trained and multi-skilling workers but also by enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. On-line inspection is taken stringently to real-time monitoring the quality levels during production. All production records are real-time stored and easily traced by our strong MES database.