BriteMED provides one-stop customized manufacturing service for medical application projects. With advanced project management expertise, our customers can keep track on status anytime to be synchronized for market launch plan.


Complete Design Control

Realize your concept to a marketable product in good quality and reasonable cost is the commitment of BriteMED design service. You will have access to our in-house engineering team and kick-off a systematic project management flow from required specifications, complete design control, regulatory compliance and production schedule. All necessary design documents are ready for your market entrance applications in different countries.


Our design expertise includes

  • Electric Engineering: Circuit design/ Power management/ EMI EMC verification
  • Firmware Engineering: Bio-signal capturing & calculation/ Analog& digital video signal processing/ DICOM & Gamma correction
  • Mechanical Engineering: Enclosure design (plastic, metal and aluminum)/ Thermal design/ IP grade waterproofing
  • Usability Design: Human factors/ User interface layout/ Visual design
  • New Technology Validation : Validate new technology concept by the experiment project, shortening future product development time

Integration Service

Be part of IEI Group, BriteMED provides ready-to-use electro-medical platform and video signaling module for quick integration to medical equipment and healthcare applications. Our professional validation activities, such as leakage current test, burn-in test and vibration test, ensure consistent product performance and trustworthy product reliability. By our global sourcing capability specialized in medical industry, we help our clients find quality and long lifetime components to complete a total solution.


This includes:

  • Vital sign platform: ECG/ NIBP/ SpO2/ Temperature
  • Video signaling module: Analog and digital video added-on module
  • System integration and customization service

Software Service

The BriteMED software design service is to assist system developer and solution provider to integrate our devices to an existing application or to an innovative idea. Our software engineering team is professional and experienced to provide efficient programming support to shorten the system development time and accelerate the software design process. BriteMED works with our customers to create brilliant product features and realize new application scenario through API customization.


Private Label Service

BriteMED provides private labeling service to make better consistency for clients’ solution. The color and logo can be customized for requirement to provide quick market launch advantage. No need to worry about the problem of getting documents. Our professional regulatory team will help our clients to complete the certifications and registrations, bringing the solution quickly to USA, Europe and all over the world.


Contract Manufacturing Service

BriteMED’s modularized production line enhances manufacturing dynamic and flexibility for high-complexity low-volume product categories. The dedicated texture helps maintain the highest in-process quality standards for each tailored customized manufacturing solution. The MES database server stores all production records electronically and makes them traceable for post-market surveillance. The global supply chain management capability allows quality procurement components with cost competitiveness.