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BriteMED First Media Exposure in Korea!
BriteMED Technology Inc.

   BriteMED First Media Exposure in Korea!

An article about BriteMED and the Taiwan Excellence winner, BriteMED® 12-lead Portable ECG, has been released by “의학신문”, the Korean medical media which focuses on the topics of healthcare policy, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment.

In this article, BriteMED® 12-lead Portable ECG is highlighted that how its portability enables monitoring ECG condition on the move. The easy setup with existing PC, cost-effective advantage, and user-friendly management software are also addressed, compared to traditional ECG machines

This article also mentioned BriteMED’s advantages, including the skilled R&D and professional supporting teams and GMP approved factory, and elaborate BriteMED’s dedication to the mission of providing devices that increase efficiency in clinical environments. This is the first media exposure of BriteMED in Korea. We believe that it can increase the awareness of BriteMED in Korea market and hopefully will bring more requests soon.

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