「Xiao Liuqiu District Public Center x BriteMED」

Location: Pingtung, Taiwan

Apllication: Rural Area Medical Service

Applied Product: BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG

Xiao Liuqiu, a beautiful coral island at the southwest side of Ping Tung County. It becomes famous scenery spot for tourists due to its special coral rocks, cliffs and sandy beaches. However, the medical resources on this island are very insufficient. The Xiao Liuqiu District Public Center is the only medical institution who has complete medical equipment and provides health consultation and medical service. Due to its outlying location, the biggest challenge of medical service is lack of medical professionals. Through the cooperation with Ping Tung AnTai Memorial Hospital, some doctors travel between Xiao Liuqiu Island and Ping Tung County every week to provide medical consultation and diagnosis. Dr. Cookie Wang is one of the members.

The Challenge of Medical Service on Xiao Liuqiu Island

「When the emergency patients come, we will provide 12-lead ECG measurement if necessary. This is to decide the follow-up medical treatment and the necessary referral system」Dr. Wang said. The private clinics in the Xiao Liuqiu Island usually provide only day-care medical service. At night, only the District Public Center provides night clinic and emergency service. Some emergency cases, such as patients with acute myocardial infraction, acute coronary syndrome or serious injury, have to be sent to the hospitals in Ping Tung County by ambulance boat. The 12-lead ECG measurement is a good reference for diagnosis or effective follow-up treatment.

In the medical traveling between Ping Tung County and Xiao Liuqiu Island, the BriteMED® ECG is helpful for Dr. Wang: 「The ECG in the District Public Center is old and can’t see the historical patient records. The big and heavy machine is hard to carry to patient house or elderly center so the ECG measurement is impossible to be done there. The printed ECG report by thermal paper is usually blurry and hard to recognize. When seeing the BriteMED® ECG, it is very small and easy to carry in my backpack. The ECG measurement becomes much easier for chronic or emergency patients and helps me quickly decide the follow-up medical treatment. The ECG report can be conveniently printed in general A4 paper or saved as electronic file, easy for trace and sharing with other doctors if I need any discussion. 」

Celebrate Humanity with Technology

「Lack of medical resources in the outlying island really causes a lot of problem for patients there. Thanks for the use by Dr. Wang; our ECG can help the patients in Xiao Liuqiu Island. Hope more doctors will use our ECG to provide measurement on patients in need to help them make quick treatment decision!」Kelly said, the sales & marketing director of BriteMED.

BriteMED is established since 2009, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. All the development and production are based in Taiwan. The innovative BriteMED® 12-lead portable ECG is awarded by Taiwan Excellence 2019 and makes contribution to home medical service and remote healthcare by its portable advantage and real-time quality waveform display.

12-Lead ECG
12-Lead ECG


Celebrate Humanity With Technology