LanYang Home Health Care Association x BriteMED

Location: Yilan, Taiwan

Application: Home Medical Care

Applied Product: BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG

「Mr. Chang is already 85 years old and is a long-term bedridden patient due to stroke. With the hospice care, the ECG measurement is to check whether his condition is stable or not and helps him head to the life end with respects one day.」Dr. Wang said.

BriteMED 12-Lead Portable ECG

Dr. Ted Wang is the chairman of Yi-Lan Medical Association. He is dedicated to establishing LanYang Home Health Care Association which includes 46 clinics and 7 elderly nursing centers. The association mainly provides disabled and chronic patients with well-planned home healthcare service and hospice care. From 2017 to now, 350 patients have received their medical and healthcare service.

The Challenge of Home Health Care in Aged Society

In 2018, Taiwan becomes an aged society with the elderly population is up to 14% among total population. The Ministry of The Interior even estimates the coming of super-aged society in 2026 that the elderly population grows to 20% among total population. How to efficiently allocate and integrate the resources to provide better medical/healthcare service to patients with chronic diseases、being disabled and who live in rural area is the biggest challenge.

At first talk with Dr. Ted Wang in the Home Health Care annual meeting, we deeply recognize the hard work of medical professionals when proving the home health care service.

「Our patients are usually long-term bedridden or have stroke/heart failure history. Besides blood pressure and blood sugar, the 12-lead ECG check is the best way for overall evaluation of patients’ health condition. However, in every visit, the case manager and nurses have to bring a lot of medical devices and the ECG machine is usually the biggest and heaviest. In some cases when the ECG machine is broken while carrying around, we still fail to measure ECG at patients’ home. It’s impossible to ask the elderly or disabled patients to visit hospital so the ECG check is usually hard to be done. 」

When Dr. Ted Wang saw the BriteMED® 12-Lead Porable ECG, he is amazed by the small and portable design and thinks this can be perfectly carried for home health care service. He said: 「This is small and convenient to carry. To put the device and electrodes in the small carry bag, the ECG measurement is simply processed with my notebook. The ECG waveform display is quality and accurate. The disabled or bedridden patients can also be measured without moving. The ECG report is saved in the notebook as electronic file for further consultation and follow-up medical treatment.」

BriteMED 12-Lead Portable ECG   BriteMED 12-Lead Portable ECG

Celebrate Humanity with Technology

「Dr. Wang and his care team are very passionate to promote home health care service. Though the busy schedule every day, he tries hard to arrange home patient visit besides the regular outpatient clinic. When our slogan “Celebrate Humanity With Technology” realizes, we are very happy that our innovative ECG can really help medical professionals and patients with better life quality!」Steven said, the Sales Manager of BriteMED.

BriteMED is established since 2009, dedicated to manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. All the development and production are based in Taiwan. The innovative BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG is awarded by Taiwan Excellence 2019 and makes contribution to home medical service and remote healthcare by its portable advantage and real-time quality waveform display.

BriteMED 12-Lead Portable ECG

BriteMED® Portable 12-Lead ECG

  • Real-time Waveform Display for Quick Diagnosis
  • True Portability for Doctor Visit
  • Easily Saved & Printable ECG Report for Cost Effectiveness