A Perfect Portable 12-Lead ECG for Telemedicine Kit

Location: India & Europe

Application: Mobile Clinic Visit

Applied Product: BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping distance has brought changes on people’s lives and also the medical service. Telemedicine service that seamlessly connects patients and doctors draws attentions in every country. It appears in the forms of telemedicine cart, tele-diagnosis workstation and mobile clinic with the compact telemedicine kit. The telemedicine kit, an easy-to-carry box with high portability and cost-effective advantage, allows health practitioners to quickly provide vital sign measurement for the patients based in remote, rural, regional area or at home.

BriteMED® 12-lead portable ECG for telemedicine kit

The Challenge of Integrating Portable 12-Lead ECG to Telemedicine Kit

The telemedicine kit usually includes an information tablet gateway that enables access to the real time clinical data. The devices, such as blood pressure monitor, ECG, stethoscope, and medical scopes are usually for physical examination and immediate triage. Among all devices, 12-lead resting ECG plays an important role as prescreening to decide the follow-up examination and medical treatment. However, traditional 12-lead ECG machine is big and heavy which is impossible to place in the telemedicine kit to carry out. The close management system of existing 12-lead ECG also brings challenge to system integrators to add it to the existing telemedicine solution. The BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG has innovative design that solves those problems.

The compact, palm-size and light weight of BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG takes little space of telemedicine kit. The short SNAP type patient cable is only 0.58m, easily stored in the telemedicine kit for carry-out application. The APIs of Windows, Linux, and Android are ready to help system integrators fast integrate the BriteMED® 12-Lead Portable ECG to their existing telemedicine system and customize their own solutions. The real-time quality ECG waveform enables a quick and precise pre-screen of cardiac symptom. The PC-based design allows the ECG report saved in the computer, facilitating data exchange and consultation with remote specialty doctors to receive quick diagnosis and treatment advice.  

Celebrate Humanity with Technology

“During the situation that the COVID-19 has changed the model of delivering medical service, we are glad that BriteMED can provide the required portable 12-lead ECG and service to satisfy the increasing needs for telemedicine kit and other solutions. We will keep working on the innovative design for devices portability and develop tools to help our SI clients complete integration efficiently.” Kelly said, the sales & marketing director of BriteMED.  

BriteMED 12-Lead Portable ECG for telemedicine kit