Computerized Medical Cart for the Quality Inpatient Care

Location: Local Hospital in Asia

Application: Computerized Medical Cart for Patient Room

Applied Product: BriteMED® pCART-N1 & BriteMED® Battery-Powered Panel PC

Patient room is the space where patients, whatever treatment or surgery they’ve been through, needs to feel quiet and relaxed around. The routine daily ward round, including vital sign checking and medicine delivery, is the important part but could be troublesome if the process isn’t efficient and carts are not easy to move around. For some Asia countries which are working on better hospital facility and service, the need of ergonomic computerized medical cart with computer is rising.

A more efficient workflow is required

“Recently we’ve received many requirements for computerized medical carts at Asia area. Some are from new hospitals and others are from hospitals upgrading facility. Ergonomic design, usability, workflow efficiency are the top benefits they’re looking for. The computerized medical cart, BriteMED® pCART-N1, equipped with BriteMED® battery-powered panel PC, enhances the workflow of ward round. The elegant design and customized color are also appreciated when the medical carts are installed for VIP patient rooms. The BriteMED® pCART-N1 has many drawers, easy for nurses to collect medical consumables. The soft pink color brings warm atmosphere for the patient room. ” The Sales Manager of BriteMED distributor said.

BriteMED® pCART-N1 has the quality-assured casters which enable better steering control to move around and quiet. Configured with 3”, 6”, 9” drawers and selectable dividers, the BriteMED® pCART-N1 provides effortless categorization for medicines or medical consumables. The VESA 75/100 arm on the cart can also help easily adjust the viewing position of cart computers.

Celebrate Humanity With Technology

“The quality of patient care and hospital work efficiency are what BriteMED tries to enhance. Efficiency can be created through a high-usability computerized medical cart, and so does the satisfaction for the inpatient care. The successful case also encourages us keeping promoting our computerized medical cart solutions to the market to satisfy the needs and help more people.” Jill said, the Sales Manager of BriteMED.


Stable and Quiet to Move


Effortless Categorization for Efficiency


Slim-Design Computer with Intuitive Touch Screen

Celebrate Humanity With Technology