Wire-free Mobile EHR Workstation for The Best Efficiency

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

Application: Physiological Record Management in Post-Anesthesia Recovery Room

Applied Product: BriteMED® POCm-W22C Medical Panel PC

Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), or recovery room, is a space that patients are carefully watched after surgery to ensure safe regain of consciousness from anesthesia. During the staying time in PACU, the patients are monitored by the stability of vital signs to confirm the condition of recovery. Since the vital signs should be repeatedly monitored by recording the values from patient monitor, it’s a big burden for PACU nurses so they are looking for a better way to record patients’ vital sign data. This is why we introduce the POCm-W22C medical panel PC to meet their request.

VESA Standard for Easy Integration on the Medical Cart

An efficient workflow is required to reduce human error

“The patient’s vital sign data was recorded on paper. However, some patients’ records were missed due to the neglect between nursing shifts. The continuous monitoring and recording of patient condition is also a big burden for nurses. The POCm-W22C has USB ports to connect the patient monitor to real-time record the vital sign on the panel PC, saving the nurse's effort of manual recording. The built-in WiFi interface also allows that all patient data sends to central monitoring station without any delay in case the emergent condition is happening. We can monitor the patients in an easier way than ever. The built-in batteries are long-lasting and we can use almost all day by only charging in night shift.” Chief Nursing Officer of PACU said.

The BriteMED POCm-W22C medical panel PC is designed with maximum 3 pcs Li-Ion batteries with 261Wh in total, providing uninterrupted power for medical cart applications. Embedded Bluetooth and advanced WiFi modules enable automatic and uninterrupted vital sign recording to the panel PC and directly updating the records in HIS system for an intelligent and efficient workflow.

Celebrate Humanity With Technology

“An efficient workflow in PACU is very important to bring quality care to patients. By taking to the nurses in PACU, we understand their demand and introduce a right product to create the advantage of uninterrupted data transmission and wire-free environment. This is also how we leverage the technology innovation to complete their works in a more efficient way.” Steven said, the Sales Manager of BriteMED.


High capacity Li-Ion batteries for long-lasting power advantage


Rich IO ports for extensive connection with medical devices and peripherals


The antimicrobial housing and the IP65 front panel for easy infection control