Enhancing the Quality of Learning and Teaching

Location: Hualien, Taiwan

Application Environment: Department of nursing in the university

Installation Units: BriteMED® pCART-N1 medical cart & POC-17i medical panel PC


BriteMED cooperated with a famous university in Hualien, Taiwan to provide several sets of medical carts and medical panel PCs to enhance the teaching quality in their department of nursing. In their demonstration rooms which simulate the real hospital environment, the medical carts were moved around to process electronic health records. The purpose is to give students more opportunity to self practice and to create a better demonstration environment for teachers.

Why choose BriteMED as the partner:

• Flexible Configuration:

Since the medical carts were used in different demonstration rooms in the department of nursing, BriteMED provided tailor-made service for each medical cart set, such as selection of CPU, hard disk, side holders and drawer accessories. This is to make sure the medical cart set really fit for the teaching requirements.

• Friendly Consultation:

Nurses are not the experts of IT equipment but we are. We explained to them all the hardware specifications of a medical panel PC and helped them build vivid demonstration rooms to correspond to the real application environments in the hospitals.

• Training Service:

When the installation was complete, our dedicated support team also provided several training service to deliver more knowledge on how to operate the medical carts and medical panel PCs, encouraging all the students to practice at their spare time.