Increasing the Efficiency of Nursing Workflow

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Application Environment: Ward nursing station

Installation Units: BriteMED® POC-17i  medical panel PC & MBM-180 medical battery


In 2013, BriteMED installed numbers of computing platforms and powering systems to ward nursing stations in a well-known hospital in Taiwan. We integrate the 17" medical panel PCs and the cost-effective powering systems to their documentation carts to real-time process the electronic health records.  The purpose of this project is to help nurses increase their working efficiency and have better life quality.

Why choose BriteMED as the partner:

• One-Stop Shopping:

In BriteMED, this hospital can purchase the medical panel PCs and medical battery systems at one time, saving the time to look for different device vendors and also facilitates the communication to a dedicated representative for all their requests.

• User-Oriented Consultation and Integration Service:

BriteMED established a team to fully communicate with the nurses to learn their requests and to make professional advice on what models to be best applied to the ward nursing stations. We then help integrate the medical panel PCs and powering systems to their existing documentation cart and also adjust the ergonomics to achieve the ideal viewing position, providing a pleasant and comfortable user experience for every nurse.

• Prompt After-Sale Service:

We know uninterrupted operation is very important in ward nursing station. All the Prompt trouble-shooting maintenance, training service and other application questions are promptly responded by BriteMED dedicated representatives